Industry Opinion

Rajesh Radhakrishnan

Advisor - Consultant to Senior Management & Board of Directors - USA

“RVS MBA emphasise not only the conceptual knowledge of business functions, but also help students translate them into skills that make them readily employable”

Srikanth Balasubramanian

CFA, FRM, PRM & CFP Leading Corporate Trainer-Business Analytics

“There is a huge demand for Analysts and most corporates are finding it difficult to find talent with both managerial as well as model building skills”

Peeyush Chitlangia

Founder - FinShiksha

“The Financial Services industry faces a crunch in the resource pool of trained graduates joining the industry. This is one of the major issues being addressed in the MBA Program in Applied Finance at RVS CAS.”

Vasantha Kumar

Regional HR, SONY - South India

“MBA in Human Resources specialization with a competency-based curriculum can provide hands-on training to acquire HR skills to become a successful HR professional around the globe”

Alumni Testimonials

Majo Daniel

Finance Executive - AZ LOGISTICS, DUBAI

“My dual specialization in Marketing and Finance made me multi-skilled. My time at RVS CAS shaped me into a product that corporates found readily employable. Each session and lesson obtained from IMSR is of tremendous help in my life.”

Vishak Prabu

Senior Analyst, PWC

“My academic exposure and internship experiences have been extremely rewarding and exciting. Today I am well placed in a globally acclaimed organization, thanks to the rigorous Skill-Based Curriculum & Labs I was exposed to.”

Alvin Tom George

Technical Support Engineer, Zoho Corporation

“I am confident that the splendid learning experience I have obtained from the RVS MBA course will serve as a facilitator for my career. I hope many ambitious students like me can join and benefit from this Program in the future.”


Assistant Manager, Projects

“My Analytics Labs have helped me gain the competency required for enabling data-driven decision making, so has my Int ernship Experience. Thank you RVS for this wonderful opportunity.”

Dini Elizabeth Jose

Associate Consultant, Flutra Business Solutions

“I was seeking to join an MBA Program that best suited my needs and was right as per the industry demands and trends. The RVS MBA has several strengths that make it very unique and rewarding for the students.”

Bijo Baby

Associate Manager - HR FCI GBS INDIA, COCHIN

I value the lessons learned and will be grateful to the Almighty for making me part of the esteemed institution.

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