MBA Curriculum

Our Tech MBA Program begins year one as you build your general management knowledge and gain global experience. Personalize your experience along with industry in the second year through electives.


  Management and Organizational Behaviour
  Financial Reporting and Analysis
  Statistics for Management
  Economics for Decision-Making
  Excel for Managers - I & II
  Human Resource Management
  Statistical Package for the Social Sciences
  Accounting and Finance
  Marketing Management
  Leadership Principles
  Sales Management

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In the second year of the MBA Program, you will likely be taking electives (specialization courses) in multiple domains. These courses can broaden your knowledge in a specific area. Your broad choices include:

Business Analytics

  Design Thinking I & II
  Strategic Management
  Machine Learning
  Data Visualization - Tableau & Power BI
  Business Analytics for Industries
  Deep Learning & NLP

MBA Logistics

  Design Thinking I & II
  Strategic Management
  Introduction to Logistics Management
  Skills in Sourcing and Procurement
  Warehouse & Distribution Facilities Management
  Logistics & Supply Chain Management Models
  International Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management

Digital Marketing

  Design Thinking I &II
  Strategic Management
  Introduction to Digital Marketing
  Search Engine Optimization
  Social Media Marketing
  Stukent Practical - SEO, SEM, SMM

Applied Finance

  Design Thinking I & II
  Strategic Management
  Wealth Management
  Capital Markets
  Strategic Management
  Banking and Financial Technology
  Advanced Financial Modeling

Human Resources

  Design Thinking I & II
  Strategic Management
  Recruitment and Selection
  Employees Relationship Management
  HR Analytics
  Organization Development
  Business Leadership

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