Dr. S. Yamini, Director (Academic)

Dr. S. Yamini is the Associate Professor in Computer Science and the Director (Academic), School of Computer Studies at Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts & Science (Autonomous), Sulur, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu, India. She received the University First Rank for her Masters Degree in Bharathiar University and awarded a Gold Medal.

Dr. S. Yamini’s primary interest and expertise is in Statistics and her research focuses on Multi level Network Security Design and Graphical Authentication System.

She is certified in Business Analytics by Harvard Business School, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusetts, US.

She Completed the Micro Masters Certification Programme in Cyber Security which is offered by RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) , New York in collaboration through edX platform and the Cyber Security specialization Programme which was offered by University of Maryland, USA along with Coursera.

She has also completed “Mathematics for Machine Learning” Course which is offered by Imperial College, London in the Coursera platform.


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Areas of interest

Statistics and Research


M.Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.,

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